How to approach a unicorn

If we were to see a unicorn grazing in the field, how would be approach it? Would we even try? Or just admire the creature from a distance? Certainly we would not simply walk up to it with a halter and rope and jsut try to catch it. Would we?

It would of course be different if it is a unicorn you know, chances are that it will come up to you looking for treats or a scratch behind the ear. Maybe you met this familiar unicorn as a virgin, unspoilt by the toils of grownup life and pure of heart, open of mind and joyfull of spirit.  Is this getting too fairytale for you? 

Let`s get to the point then! It has taken me years and  many a run around a huge field to catch horses. The simple thing is, that you don`t need to catch them. If you treat them like unicorns. they will come to you!  You just have to be pure of heart, open of mind and joyfull of spirit

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