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What type of horse suits you or what breed of horse suits you are two different things. But sometimes a certain breed helps to narrow things down. Simply because certain types of horses are bred to do certain type of stuff and have a character suited to that kind of work.


I like to see horses as horses first. Not judging them by their breed. Some characteristics are however more common in certain breeds or type of horses. Fun fact: in medieval times horses were classified by type not by breed! I tend to prefer the breeds that are 'closer to nature', the drafty pony types. They have an efficient look on life, I`m generalising ofcourse. I love to see a horse that startles but then thinks whether the situation needs investigating or needs bolting. Before I got Brisingr, my young icelandic/gypsy horse, I thought I wanted a more sensitive horse, a great mover full of power and explosive energy. And I still love watching and working with that type of horse. But when it comes to finding a soulhorse to spend time with and do shows and battles with I guess I revert back to the drafty pony type.

Gypsy ponies have a reputation.. well they have two. One is the kind, gentle horse that can be ridden on a hack by the smallest child without any problems. The other is that they are more feisty, highstrung, sensitive than initially thought, getting themselves and their owners in unsuspected problems. My experience is that they have a high tolerance and do not readily show their anxiety where a hotblooded horse would be bouncing all over the place a gypsy might only show the white of their eyes and flick an ear or two. Their heartrate however might be just as high as the other horse. If you do not pay attention to these signals you will end up with your hands full of blisters and some fences to mend.

When you`re reading this blog feel free to subsitute the word Gyspy with any other breed, like I said it`s more about a type of horse than a breed. That said.. if you need a horsetrainer for your horse you might want have a look at how they handle different breeds, nay, types of horses. You see horsetraining has a lot to do with psychology, each is unique and needs a custom approach. Some horses might have had experience with types of humans and not be open to communicating and having conversations. It is always a great idea to see how they respond to other horses. They dont keep secrets for eachother and unlike humans, horses are not judgemental by breed or type, they react to behavior and bodylanguage without any filters.

And that is exactly the reason we love being around them so much.

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