The things we call our horses

It is so easy to attribute your horse as being lazy or stubborn or unruly without actually trying to find out how the horse is feeling about you and the situation you put him in. They can actually be insecure, scared, unbalanced, in pain, hungry or tired. All of these emotions are temporary, where as the things we call our horse to be will get stuck in our minds as being truths.


A horse that might be unmotivated at that moment will then day after day be called lazy.  It is not so much the namecalling as the energy that is behind the word. Words have power because of the body language and energy we put behind them.  And horses are masters at picking up on that. Precisely the reason why we can ride them with just a thought. At least that is what I hope most horselovers aspire to do. But then why are we not more sentitive about what we are saying with our thoughts, words, energy and body language? How do you feel about your horse? And what do you want your horse to feel like when he`s with you? I want mine to feel like a badass viking unicorn that smells nice!

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    Jeroen (Friday, 01 February 2019 23:17)

    Love that You are writing blogs again!
    I learned from You how to look from my horses point of view instead of from my point of view, and i still benefit from it every day!

    Hope you can inspire many more!